These consultants are billed per hour excluding VAT.

(The current availability is max. 2*4 hrs or 1*8 hrs per week.)

vCTO - Virtual CTO for migrating to new development processes

The virtal CTO will assist you in transforming your existing development processes over to new and agile processes, fully utilizing the benefits of the cloud.
Our vCTO's have over 25+ years of international experience and with global program management, development and production teams, including global architectural board experience.
If you are looking for awesome solutions, our vCTO's can help you to find them.

vCISO - Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

The virtal CISO will assist you in assessing your security against the minimum security requirements based upon your company's stakeholder values, and provide a GAP analyzes of where the Status Quo are, related to the requirements from GDPR and from ISO 27001 - Information Security.

This role can be helpful to assist you before or after a Security audit, as well as for planning a certification for ISO 27001. Remember that security starts with the employees, and the company's security culture. The IT parts are seldom effective, if the basics are not in place.
Our vCISO's have a long experience within Information Security and IT, as well as having had official training for ISO 27001 implementation, and have also been a main contributor, in obtaining at least two different ISO certifications.

vDPO - Virtual Data Protection Officer

The virtal DPO will assist you in assessing your compliance level against the GDPR, including policies, controls and processes.

This role can be helpful to assist you before or after a Privacy audit. Remember that the control of Privacy starts with the employees, and the company's security culture. The IT parts to govern the GDPR, are seldom effective if the basics are not in place.

Our vDPO's have a long experience within Privacy and Security, as well as having had official training as a DPO.

vPM - Virtual Project Manager

Our virtual Project Manager can help you with implementing projects like GDPR or ISO certifications. They can also manage and control your development projects, as well as implementation of new systems or processes.
All of our vPM's have minimum a PRince-2 Foundation with +10 years of MS Project experience.


Improve IT's contribution to the business or IT Service Management performance.
We can also coach on personal and training skills on both higher and lower IT management, to ensure that you can re-utilize your most promising staff in future management positions.
No companies are perfect, so If you also need some advice on how to resolve lack of cooperation in some departments, then we can also help you with how to change that in the right direction.
Our virtual IT-Mentors have minimum +10 years of experience as IT managers, as well as an ITILv3 certification, to ensure IT process knowledge.

vRiskMgr (Virtual Risk Manager)

The vRiskMgr assists you in assessing different risks against stakeholder expectations or compliance requirements, based upon company values.
We have several Risk models suitable for different business objectives, such as.

  • 1. Strategic Risks (Needs SWOT)

  • 2- Business Risks (Needs Biz.Plan)

  • 3. Operational Risks (Requires Process Review)

  • 4. Project Risks (Requires Project Review)

  • 5. GDPR compliance Risks (Require GDPR Risk Audit)

  • 6. ISO 27001 compliance Risks (Require ISO Risk Audit)

  • We can also establish an ISO 31000 Risk process for you

vISO 27001 Facilitor

We know that it is difficult to find available IT consultants with this deployment experience these days. So if you need someone to be more long-term with your organization to implement a larger part of ISO 27001, will we be able to offer you someone that can provide this, with some guidance and coaching from our own CISO. Our CISO can act as the main supplier of a project board to ensure that any problems are immediately addressed, if they should potentially arise. Our CISO also has experience from working with several ISO auditors from earlier, where such experience may be needed. Discuss with our sales about your needs for using a vISO 27001 Facilitor instead of a CISO over a longer period of time.

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