This is our standard Customer on-boarding development package with Wordpress, which does not store any user information.

Our designed Customer on-boarding websites are buildt for our customers to attract their new customers to their own platforms, ensuring easier compliance with GDPR! (If you want the same with Joomla instead of Wordpress, then please contact our sales first. The costs are the same.)

NSP-00: Wordpress - Hosting for our NewSalesPortal

This allows the customer to host our secure and optimized Wordpress website, which we design for the customer to drive their customers to their own existing website. The cost is a monthly subscription and includes both the Production and the Test environment. (This must be ordered before any development can start.)

NSP Support/SLA: Maintenance & Support Agreement. [15% annually of Package cost. Includes SLA.]

For customers that have bought a development solution from us, will also have to order this Maintenance and Support agreement at 15% of the development cost. This includes the Production and the Test environment for the developed solution, where the customers get priority support according to our SLA - Service Level Agreement, and where we already maintain the infrastructure and security updates for these environments. The 15% are split into a monthly subscription paid every month.

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